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El Rancho is open 365 days/yr for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Bar & Restaurant El Rancho

| Nov 20, 2016

El Rancho restaurant & bar at Hotel Villas Rio Mar

El Rancho is considered one of the best places to eat in the area of Dominical and Uvita. The menu offers a great selection of international dishes and local specialties. We are known for having excellent steaks! Enjoy the quality food with a good glass of wine; the wine list is quite extensive and contains some nice wines that are rare to find in Costa Rica.

Open 365 days a year from 7 am to 10 pm

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The menu also includes tasty appetizers, organic food and special dishes for kids and vegetarians. Also quality espresso and cappuccino coffee is served. El Rancho restaurant at Hotel Villas Rio Mar is open to the public 365 days a year from 7 am to 10 pm.

Cozy bar with international sports programming

Socialize with family & friends, meet new people or cheer for your favorite team at our cozy bar. You can also enjoy an ice cold beer during a game of billiards, foosball or darts. Besides a selection of soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits, the bar offers wonderful cocktails & smoothies. You can also order a drink at our pool bar while having a refreshing swim in the large pool.

Ideal location for Meetings & Events

The restaurant also provides a fully equipped conference room which makes Hotel Villas Rio Mar an excellent location for meetings & events as: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, dinner parties, weddings, business meetings, business parties, team building etc. Please see our Meetings & Events page for more information.

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Open to the Public

Opening hours
7am – 10pm, Monday>Sunday, 365 days a year

2787 0053

Inside Hotel Villas Rio Mar, Dominical. Go under the bridge 800 meters North besides the river Baru



Rio Tomato cream soup $6,00  (VG)

Perfect combination of marianara sauce and sweet cream accompanied with croutons, you have to try it out

Vegetable´s cream $5,00 (GF) (VG)

We combine fresh vegetables to create this perfect mix of flavors. Just delicious.

Mixed salad $6,00 (GF) (VG)

Fresh amalgamated tomatoes, lettuce, chili, onion, carrot and cucumber with balsamic dressing

Regular Caesar $6,00

Crispy romaine lettuce with croutons, bacon and parmesan cheese, mixed with a delicious dressing Caesar of the house

Tuna Timbale $8,50

Perfect pieces of raw Yellowfin tuna marinated with sesame oil and soya. Enjoy it with avocado

Salmon rolls stuffed with surimi $9,00

Fresh salmon rolls stuffed with surimi and a cream cheese dip and species, lied on a lettuce and carrots

Carpaccio de Salmon $10,00 (GF)

Fresh salmon slices lied on a lettuce, capers, parmesan cheese

Carpaccio de Lomito $8,00 (GF)

Fresh tenderloin slices lied on a lettuce, capers, parmesan cheese and a little spice

Cevichito $4,00

A delight, pieces of fish marinated in lemon juice, onion and cilantro. Serve with crackers or tortillas

(Taxes are included in the price)

(GF): Gluten free (VG): Vegetarian

Main dishes

Chef favorites

Outskit steak $ 20,00 (GF)

A Delicious beef cut accompanied with asparagus, house potatoes and sauce to the ranch. Come and try for yourself

Argentinian Churrasco $ 17,00 (GF)

For meat lovers, juicy beef cuts accompanied by a homemade chimichurri sauce. Simply jummy

Tenderloin of your taste $ 20,00

You can choose between three mushrooms sauce, stroganov or chimichurri sauce (GF). You will love any of them

Tenderloin strips $ 15,00

All the flavor of the tenderloin sautéed with species inside of a tortilla, accompanied with rice, avocado and pico de gallo

Baby back ribs $ 15,00

Soft baby back ribs marinated in a homemade bittersweet sauce, served with potato and vegetables

Jumbo Shrimps of your choice $ 22,00

In garlic (GF), cocktail sauce or horseradish sauce, just delicious

Renoblesa Salmon $ 18,00

Chef recommendation: Grilled salmon with a delicious sauce made of juice, capers, butter and sweet milk cream

Sesame tuna medallion $ 17,00

Fresh tuna medallion breaded with sesame seeds, accompanied with soy, lime & soy or teriyaki sauce

Fish fillet of your taste $ 15,00

Choose your favorite sauce: garlic (GF), meniere (GF), scampy or coconut breaded

Seafood soup $ 12,00 (GF)

The delights of the sea seasoned with natural species; octopus, clams, squid, mussels, shrimp and fish

Shrimp rice $ 14,00  (GF)

Shrimp and rice, a classic combination of flavor that will never let you down

Chiken rice $ 9,00 (GF)

Typical Costa Rican recipe. Pieces of chicken, rice, sweet corn and herbs, accompanied with French fries

Seafood rice $ 13,00

Delicious combination of shrimp, clams, octopus, fish and mussels, served with French fries and squids

Chicken fillet of your choice $ 15,00

Prepared to your taste : just grilled (GF), white sauce or honey mustard (GF

Caesar Salad

Crispy roman lettuce with a home made Caesar dressing. Choose between: Chicken $10.00 or Tuna $12.00

Salmon & Shrimps Fettuccine $ 16,00

Exquisite combination of pasta with fresh species, salmon and shrimp with a pink sauce and capers

Rio Mar Fettuccine $ 12,00

A perfect combination of chicken, ham, and mushrooms in a white curry sauce. Simply delicious

Garden Spaghetti $ 9,50 (VG)

Fresh vegetables sauteed in tomato sauce, special for a light dinner

Eggplant Lasagna $12,00 (GF)  (VG)

Delicious slices of eggplant in marinara sauce, served with fresh green salad.

Rissoto $ 9,00

A mix of tomato, olives, rice and fresh species

Rio Mar Hamburger $ 10,00

You have to try it, juicy meatloaf or chicken , accompanied by bacon, cheese, ham and pickles

Casado Rio Mar $ 10,00

A dish that identifies us as Costa Ricans: rice, black beans, sweet plantains and a side salad. You can choose between: grilled fillet chicken or fish (GF) or beef

Costa Rican ceviche $ 8,00

Come to Villas Rio Mar without tasting it is unforgivable, chopped fish marinated in lemon juice, onion and cilantro

(Taxes are included in the price)

(GF): Gluten free (VG): Vegetarian

Kids Menu

4 great dishes for the little ones!

Fish or Chicken Fingers $ 6.00

Strips of breaded chicken or fish, Accompanied by French fries. Dessert: ice cream cup.

Butter Spaghetti $ 6.00

Delicious butter pasta with garlic bread and orange juice. Dessert: ice cream cup.

Toasty Sandwich $ 6.00

Delicious grilled ham and cheese in toasted bread with French fries. Dessert: ice cream cup.

Rio Mar Kids Special $ 9.00

The kids can choose from chicken, tenderloin or grilled fish, breaded or fried with butter. Also includes an ice cream cup and a toy.

(Taxes are included in the price)

Dessert Menu

A great dinner has to end right, try one of our delicious desserts!

Platain Tiramisu $ 7,00

Unique flavor that only in Rio Mar you can taste, made with the finest ingredients

Banana Split $ 7,00 (GF)

Tropic banana, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream with chocolate topping

Pineapple and raspberry rolls $ 7,00

Perfect combination of ice cream and sweet pineapple wrapped in a french toast

Rio Mar Ice cream $ 6,00

Because we like to please a different flavor, a crispy wheat tortilla with vanilla ice cream and seasonal fruits

Coffee Flan $ 5.00

Delicious coffee flan, try it, you won’t regret

Passion Fruit Mousse $ 3,50 (GF)

Fresh and light. It will delight you

Organic Ice cream $ 5,00 (GF) (VG)

It combines the best of two worlds; the refreshing vanilla ice cream and the flavor of Costa Rican coffee.


(Taxes are included in the price)

(GF): Gluten free (VG): Vegetarian

Snacks Menu

Not in the mood for a full dinner? We also offer some tasteful snacks.

Mixed plate $ 12.00

A great choice, enjoy some chicken fajitas in a BBQ sauce, pico de gallo, chips and blended beans

Rio Mar Hamburger $ 10.00

100% Angus beef accompanied by bacon, cheese and pickels

Casado Rio Mar $ 10.00

A dish that identifies us as a Costa ricans: rice, black beans, sweet platains and a side salad. You can choose between: grilled fillet chicken or fish (GF) or beef

Costa Rican Ceviche $ 9.00

Come to Villas Rio Mar without tasting it is unforgivable; chopped fish marinated in lemon juice, onion and cilantro

Frijochi $ 8,00

Our frijochi is a mix of rice, red beans, gallo, chips and chicharrones

Fried calamari $ 8,00

A delightful recipe, crispy calamari rings breaded, enjoy with a garlic butter and horseradish

Fish Fingers $ 10,00

Strips of breaded fish or chicken accompanied by French fries and tartar sauce.

Chicken Fingers $ 7,00

Strips of breaded chicken, accompanied by French fries and Thousand Island dressing.

Chicken Skewers $ 7,00

Exquisite chicken skewers in a peanut sauce with a flavor that only in Rio Mar you can taste

French fries with Cajun $ 5,00

Crispy french fries with Cajun flavor

(Taxes are included in the price)

Breakfast Buffet

Hotel Villas Rio Mar offers a varied breakfast buffet that changes each day. Start with a plate of fresh fruit followed by the local favorite gallo pinto. You can also go for scrambled eggs with hash browns, or something else, enough to choose. Juices, tea and good coffee are also served with the breakfast buffet.

The breakfast buffet is included in your room price!

Also open for the public

For a small extra charge we also provide espresso coffee and cappuccino.

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