Visiting the waterfalls of Dominical & Uvita, Costa Rica

| Oct 20, 2021 | Dominical - Uvita, Travel Costa Rica

Visiting the waterfalls of Dominical & Uvita: Nauyaca, Poza Azul, Cascada Verde, El Pavon



The area of Dominical and Uvita in Costa Rica – also called Costa Ballena – is a natural paradise. A countless amount of rivers and streams run through mountainous jungle; so a waterfall or natural swimming hole is never far away. Visiting a waterfall is a great activity when enjoying a vacation in Dominical & Uvita. We selected the following four waterfalls for you; Nauyaca Waterfalls, Poza Azul, Cascada Verde and Catarata El Pavon.

Nauyaca Waterfalls, Dominical

Let’s start with the biggest and most impressive waterfall of our area, the Nauyaca Waterfalls. Nauyaca consist of several waterfalls, the highest being 45 meters (148 ft). There is plenty of room to swim in the big natural swimming pool of 1.000 m2 (10.800 ft2). Some parts of the pool are 6 m (20ft) deep. Are you one of those dare devils that want to jump from the waterfall? Look for a guide and ask him where to jump from and how to get there. The setting is gorgeous since Nauyaca Waterfalls are being surrounded by dense tropical jungle. Nauyaca Waterfalls can be visited year round, there is always plenty of water, also during dry season.

Nauyaca Waterfalls

Getting There

Nauyaca is not the most easiest waterfall to go to. The hike to Nauyaca Waterfalls takes about 50 minutes to an hour (one way). The way towards the waterfalls goes slightly up and the climate is warm and humid, which makes the walk tough for some people. But most people enjoy the hike, also because it is very common to spot some wildlife along the way. Another possibility is visiting Nauyaca Waterfalls by horseback riding tour or a 4×4 tour (you can find more information on these tours here). For all options, you first need to go to the ticket office of Don Lulo (also named: Nauyaca Waterfalls Horseback Riding Tour) which is located on Route 243 to San Isidro del General, about 10 km (6 mi) from Dominical (we have marked the exact location on the google maps area of this page).

In the case you want to go hiking to Nauyaca Waterfalls you will need to buy a ticket of USD 10,- (CRC 3500,- for nationals or residents). After buying the ticket you can drive down to the bridge where you park the car (USD 4,-) and start your hike. But please note! This drive down is very steep and recommended for 4×4 cars only. If you don’t have a 4×4 car and you decide to start hiking from the ticket office, keep in mind that the walk will take quite some more time. In particular the hike back; because the last part will be very steep going up. Take sufficient water with you. Also good shoes are recommended – in particular during rainy season – you don’t want to lose your flip flops in the mud 😉

Please visit the following page if you want to go horseback riding to Nauyaca Waterfalls.

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Poza Azul waterfall, Dominicalito

The second waterfall that we will discuss is much smaller than Nauyaca, but much easier to get to and free of charge. The lovely Poza Azul waterfall is beautifully set in the jungle of Dominicalito. It has a nice natural swimming pool and trees provide shade to cool down in the water on a hot day. But please keep in mind that this river can (almost) dry-up in the summer months January, February and March.

Getting There

Poza Azul waterfall is located just outside Dominicalito which is located a little south from Dominical besides the Costanera (route 34). Take the exit next to the bus stop, drive through the village, after going over a little bridge make a right turn. It is only 1 minute up, you will see a parking area on the left; the entrance to the waterfall is on the right (opposites from the parking area). Currently there is a sign saying Poza Azul. It is a very short walk down; but quite steep and some people will have some difficulties walking over the roots of the trees. Please do not leave any valuables in the car. No entrance fee. No 4×4 car needed.

We have mapped the waterfalls on this map

Click on the red markers to see the name of the waterfall.

Nauyaca Waterfalls

Poza Azul

Cascada Verde

Catarata El Pavon

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Cascada Verde waterfall, Uvita

Another waterfall that is easily accessible is Cascada Verde waterfall in Uvita (aka The Uvita Waterfall). Also this waterfall is surrounded by Jungle where monkeys and toucans are often seen. It is not a big waterfall but several paths provide access to several very nice swimming holes.

Getting There

From the Costanera (route 34), take the exit at the BCR in Uvita, follow that road and go left where you see the sign of Cascada Verde. Keep going up, it will be on your right hand side (do not go left taking the exit for Cascada Verde Hostel/Lodge). The road going up is better with a 4×4 car, but mostly it is also possible with a 4×2 car. The family that runs the restaurant there, also takes care of the paths towards the waterfall and swimming holes. They charge USD 3,- entrance fee per person (from 5 years and older).

Poza Azul

Several natural swimming pools at Cascada Verde

Cascada Verde in dry season (February)

El Pavon Waterfall

El Pavon waterfall, Ojochal

The last waterfall we will discuss is Cascada El Pavon a little south of Ojochal. This waterfall has a big rock stuck between the waterfall openings on the top, which makes it quite unique. You have a nice natural swimming pool at the waterfall. But this river provides more excellent natural swimming pools, like just before the path going to the waterfall. On the way to El Pavon waterfall you will pass a restaurant which has their own tilapia farm. Even if you do not like fish, it might be nice to stop for a while to see the giant old Ceiba tree.

Getting There

El Pavon waterfall is located in the far south of Costa Ballena in an area called Punta Mala (between Ojochal and Coronado). It makes a good combination with a visit to Playa Ventanas for a day trip from Dominical. Go south on the Costanera (rout 34), after passing Ojochal you have to watch out for a couple of signs besides the road (left hand side), with one of them being from the El Pavon Talapia farm & restaurant. Take this exit and keep following it, there will be a sign on the left hand side saying ‘Cascada el Pavon’. No entrance fee for the waterfall. No 4×4 car needed.


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