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The area of Dominical & Uvita offers some of the best tours in Costa Rica. A great variety of organized tours is available. From stunning national parks to active adventure tours; it is all possible in Dominical. The following page will give you a brief overview on available tours in Dominical, Costa Rica: organized Dominical Tours. The tour desk of Hotel Villas Rio Mar has a long and successful track record with organizing tours in Dominical. Based on our experience, we selected the top 4 Dominical tours you don’t want to miss.

1. Marino Ballena National Park, Uvita

The national park Marino Ballena in Uvita provides one of the most unique tours in Costa Rica. It is unique because it is the southernmost migration point of the humpback whale. Besides the humpback whales, Marino Ballena National Park is famous for its `Whales Tale´; a giant sand bridge right of the coast line with a remarkable resemblance to a tale of a whale. The 5375 acres marine park is home to the largest coral reef on the Pacific coast of Central America. This tour includes snorkeling at the coral reef, where marine wildlife is abundant. The boat tour also gives you a wonderful view of the stunning tropical beaches from sea and even passes by some spectacular caves that fill up during high tide. Several types of dolphins are very frequently spotted during this #1 Dominical tour. Please go the following page for the full description: Marino Ballena Whale Watching Tour.

Corcovado National Park

2. Corcovado National Park & Térraba-Sierpe Mangroves

Runner-up in our Top 4 Dominical tours is Corcovado National Park in combination with the mangroves of the Térraba-Sierpe river. This is one of the best nature tours in Costa Rica. Corcovado National Park is the #3 park in the world according to National Geographic! It is one of the last pieces of true rainforest along the pacific coast and holds 65% of Costa Rica’s biodiversity. A perfect place to spot endangered wildlife as squirrel monkeys, macaws and even tapirs. The boat tour to Corcovado leads you through the largest protected mangrove in Central America. A bird lovers paradise, but also be on the lookout for monkeys and crocodiles. The full description can be found on the following page: Corcovado National Park & Térraba-Sierpe Mangroves Tour.

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3. Caño Island Snorkeling & Térraba-Sierpe Mangroves

Caño Island is a biological reserve located about 20 km offshore. The clear waters – which can have a visibility of 65 feet/ 20 meters deep – provide one of the best snorkeling and diving tours in Costa Rica. Marine Wildlife is abundant; spot manta rays, sea turtles, reef sharks and much more… Also this tour passes through the stunning mangrove area of the Térraba-Sierpe river. Read the full description by going to the following page: Caño Island Snorkeling & Térraba-Sierpe Mangroves Tour.

“Corcovado National Park is the #3 park in the world according to National Geographic!”

4. Nauyaca Waterfalls Horseback Riding

Image a multi-level waterfall of 45 meters high (148 ft), tucked away in dense tropical jungle, which you access on the back of a horse. The Nauyaca horseback riding tour is one of the best waterfall tours in Costa Rica. You can swim in several natural swimming pools and the guide will show you where to jump from the waterfall! Nauyaca Waterfalls is located in the close proximity of Dominical. Please go the following page for the full description: Nauyaca Waterfalls Horseback Riding Tour.


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