The Stones Spheres Festival in Palmar, Osa 2017

| Apr 4, 2017 | Dominical - Uvita, Travel Costa Rica

The Stones Spheres Festival in Palmar, Osa 2017


APRIL, 2017

From April 28th to 30th the 7th edition of the Stones Spheres Festival will take place in canton Osa. This is a great opportunity to see the mysterious stone spheres in Finca 6, Palmar Sur. Although you can visit the stone spheres year round, your trip will be even more rewarding during the Festival de las Esferas, which is the official name in Spanish.

The Stone Spheres are a UNESCO world heritage site

UNESCO declared the Stone Spheres a world heritage site in 2014. The Sone Spheres are believed to be made by the Diquís culture – a pre-Columbian indigenous culture -and are believed to date back as far as 600 CE. It significance of the spheres have always been uncertain and numerous myths surround the stones. Source: Wikipedia.

Festival de Esferas 2017

The festival aims to promote the importance of this local archeological site and its historic and natural legacy. The main location of the festival is at the Park of Palmar Sur. There will be a market with typical food, dance & music presentations and of course handicrafts. The local (indigenous) communities make beautiful handicrafts, like the famous Boruca masks (see pictures). Both the Boruca and Rey Curré indigenous communities will also share their dances and traditions during the festival. From the park in Palmar Sur you can take a guided tour to Finca 6, the place where the Stone Spheres are located.

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In addition, the festival will organize more activities for the Osa communities of Palmar Sur, Palmar Norte, Sierpe, Cortes, Uvita, Coronado and Piedras Blancas. The aim is also to promote the biological, historical and archaeological treasure of Osa and reinforce the commitment of locals and visitors to preserve it. The following activities will be part of this: workshops for schools in the area, film shows, artistic presentations, sporting events and drawing competitions.

Boruca Masks

April 29th, running race ‘La Clásica de las Esferas’

Indigenous dance groups

April 30th, Mountain bike race ‘Ruta de las Esferas’

Sporting Events during the Stone Sphere Festival 2017

  • April 29th, Saturday: Running race 8 km ‘La Clásica de las Esferas’, Start: Finca 6 at 3 pm / End: the Park in Palmar Sur
  • April 30th, Sunday: Mountain bike race 27.6 km ‘Ruta de las Esferas’, CRC 8.000, 8 am, start and finish at the Park in Palmar Sur, more information: 8574-8769 / 8744-3576

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