Map of Dominical, Costa Rica


May, 2021

Playa Dominical Map

Our map of Dominical, Costa Rica does not only show you where the restaurants, coffeehouses and bars are, it also gives the location of the ATM, bus stop and a selection of supermarkets and surfboard rentals.

map of dominical costa rica

Tourist Map of Playa Dominical, Costa Rica

Restaurants & Bars of Dominical

Dominical has a rather big selection of restaurants, coffeehouses and bars. The coffeehouses also provide breakfast and lunch; Mono Congo and Delicias are excellent choices. El Coco is also a nice option for lunch if you want to have nice view on the beach. Fuego Brewery, El Rancho, Phat Noodles and Dominical Sushi are your options for a nice evening out in a pleasant ambience with good food. Tiki Bar and Su Raza provide good value for money, and Rincon de Domi is known for years already as the best ‘soda’ of Dominical, Costa Rica (typical Costa Rican food). Most restaurants in Dominical close rather early, make sure you go before 9pm. The Rum Bar is your choice if you are later than that (they do not always provide food though).

dominical resort

Eco-Hotel Resort

Playa Dominical, Costa Rica

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Supermarkets in Dominical

Playa Dominical has several small supermarkets. The supermarket at Plaza Pacifica next to Tiki Bar & Restaurant provides the biggest assortment. There is also an organic supermarket in Dominical, Costa Rica; it is called Mama Toucan’s and you can find it between Mono Congo and Pescado Loco.

ATM’s in Dominical, Costa Rica

Currently there is only 1 ATM in Dominical and that one is located in front of the organic supermarket Mama Toucan’s. It could be that the ATM at Plaza Pacifica near Tiki Bar & Restaurant will return though.

Surfboard rental in Dominical

Dominical beach is known for its great surf, so you will find a lot of surfboard rental options. We marked 3 options close to the beach, but there are more surfboard rental in Dominical, Costa Rica.


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