The Dominical Costa Rica Weather


MARCH, 2022

What is the best time to travel to Dominical, Costa Rica? The Dominical Costa Rica weather is pleasant the whole year round. The rainforest is close by, so it rains frequently. However, our experience is that most travelers don’t see the rain as a problem. On the contrary, it generally rains for a short period in the late afternoon or evening, which cools things down a bit for the night. The temperatures are always nice and warm; year round. With highs usually around 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) and lows around 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit). Also the ocean remains nicely warm the whole year.

Dry Season and Rainy Season in Dominical

The period from mid-December until April is considered dry season. The days are very sunny and sunsets are stunning. However, nights are generally warmer due to the absence of the late afternoon showers. The other months are considered Green Season, because the rain makes the nature lush. The rainforest and waterfalls are most beautiful in Green Season. The months September and October are the wettest. Days are more cloudy, but the mornings are in general very sunny. In October it is possible to have a few days dark and wet in a way that some people would find it unpleasant. So, if you really do not like rain you can better avoid October, however, realize that rain in the tropics is not so bad as rain in Europe of North America.

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Dominical Costa Rica weather statistics

The nearest weather station of EL INSTITUTO METEOROLÓGICO NACIONAL DE COSTA RICA (IMN) is located in Damas, Quepos. Below you will find the average climate statistics of this weather station.

statistics weather dominical

Dominical weather statistics, source: www.imn.ac.cr

Sunrise, Sunset and Day length in Costa Rica

The day-length does not vary too much throughout the year. The shortest day is 11:30 hours and occurs in mid-June. Around that time the sun rises around 5:20 am and sets around 6 pm. The longest day is 12:40 hours and happens mid-December. At that time sunrise occurs around 5:50 am and sunset occurs around 5:20 pm.


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