COVID-19 Measures

Updated: November 4th 2020


Hotel Villas Rio Mar is certified with ‘Safe Travels’: Global Protocols & Stamp for the New Normal.
This international certificate is an initiative of the World Travel & Tourism Council and is issued to Hotel Villas Rio Mar by the Tourism Board of Costa Rica (ICT): https://www.ict.go.cr/es/servicios-institucionales/sello-safe-travels.html

Hotel Villas Rio Mar is Safe Travels (Covid)


In our hotel we guarantee the confidence and security that guests and staff need.
Our commitment is with everyone and, for this reason, we join the protocols of the best hotel brands worldwide and together we synthesized the hygiene and safety measures that these hotels have begun to implement to protect their collaborators and guests.
Below, you will see a summary of the measures organized by subject:

Reception and Lobby

A reinforced cleaning program will be implemented in high traffic areas such as the hotel reception and lobby.
To further assure guests and collaborators, a disinfecting mat will be installed at the entrance of the accommodation and a space will be set up for taking the temperature of the guests.
In addition, there will be changes in the distribution of the furniture, acrylic or glass sheets will be installed in the front desk and signage on the floor to maintain social distance.

Check-In and Check-Out

Guest keys must be constantly disinfected and deposited in a special place each time a passenger ends their stay.


A rigorous cleaning protocol will be activated in the rooms, which will include deep disinfection using hospital-grade products.
This measure will be applied in:
• Light switches and lamps
• Handles and knobs on doors, cabinets, drawers, furniture, etc.
• Bathroom surfaces such as covers, seats, showers and bathtubs.
• Telephones, remote controls and clocks.
• All surfaces such as tables or desks.
• All implements for food and beverage service such as cutlery, kettle, glasses, cups, coffee maker, etc.
• All bedding (under a process of high temperatures in each washing and drying)

In addition, there will be an “on demand” cleaning option, which will allow guests to request the delivery of towels, bedding and additional items without staff having to enter the room.

Stamps in rooms

Upon arrival in the room, guests will be met with a cleaning stamp indicating that no one else has entered the room since it was disinfected. In addition, some high-contact items will have sterilization seals to ensure the safety of guests.

Room Service

As the case may be, room service will be encouraged to maintain social distance. There will be a reduced menu and food will be delivered to the door of the room.
Similarly, the buffet breakfast was replaced by an a la carte service that meets all the standards of the hotel’s food and beverage area.

Bars and restaurant

Stations with alcohol gel or disinfecting products will be installed in the access areas.
It will be kept at least a meter and a half away at the tables of restaurants or bars with a maximum of 8 people.
The work team must wear a mask and gloves on a mandatory basis.

Public areas

High-contact public areas will be cleaned more frequently using hospital disinfectants on all surfaces and locations such as hallways, restaurants, event rooms, recreation areas, public restrooms, all employee areas, etc.
Stations with disinfecting towels, alcohol gel and gloves
Hand sanitizing stations will be installed at the hotel entrance, reception, elevators, rooms, gyms and public areas.
In addition, masks, soap, and cleaning kits will be provided so that the guest can use whenever he deems it convenient.

Staff training

All hotel staff must train and be informed about the hygiene and security measures that the accommodation will implement.
Employees will receive personal protective equipment, masks, and gloves to protect themselves and carry out their work without major inconveniences.
At the beginning of the working day, the staff must go through a temperature control to ensure their well-being and that of everyone.