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    • 07 Apr 14

    World Health Day

    The World Health Day is celebrated every 7th of April and commemorates the World Health Organization foundation. To keep a good health, we give you some tips:

    Have a healthy alimentation: 10 fruits and vegetables portions is the ideal for a healthy diet. Eating enough fruits and vegetables bring antioxidants and the fiber needed to reduce cardiac diseases and keep an adequate weight. It is also important to drink at least 1 liter a day. 

    Sleep for 7 to 8 hours: Sleeping less than 7 hours increases risks of hypertension, cardiac diseases and diabetes. To sleep enough is important to feel rest and to be able to fully enjoy the day.

    Do exercises: The ideal would be 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercises. This enables to keep a healthy heart, an adequate weight, toned muscles and also it helps for good mood.

    Care your hygiene: Washing up every day, washing up hands before cooking and eating, brushing teeth after each meal are good habits to take. Washing up eliminates 90% of microbes which cause infections. The ideal would be to wash up hands during 15 seconds and brush your teeth during 3 minutes. Do it in music so that the time goes faster.

    Prevent alcohol and drug consumption, do not smoke. Alcohol and drugs affect cerebral functions and raise the risks of cancer.

    Villas Rio Mar wishes you a good health!