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    • 23 Jun 14

    Increase your knowledge about the Humpback Whale during this season of Dolphins and Whales

    The South Pacific of Costa Rica is distinguished from other areas of the country because it always green. Bahía Ballena, Playa Dominical, Ojochal and Ventanas are the main villages where tourists stay and go out for exploring the Pacific coast; however, every year in two seasons (February and March & July to November) we have whales, mainly Humpback whale specie.
    The Marine National Park is of great importance for the area and much more so for marine mammals that visit it, the Humpback whales. This specie visits us from the southern hemisphere during the months of July to November. The humpback whale is one of the largest marine mammals in the world, reaching 15 to 20 meters long and between 35 to 40 tons of weight. They are looking for tropical waters to mate and give birth to their babies. The whales feed on plankton and schools of fish. 

    Around the park there are many tour operators; however, it is important to make sure that your trip will be safe, responsible and sustainable. On a dolphin and whale watching tour you will be able to learn about the humpback whale, the park's history, its species and major attractions such as the famous "whale tail" or "the path of Moises", which is a 1 kilometers path of sand.

    The whales and dolphins watching is available almost every day. They leave in the morning and return around noon. Most of the departure points are the same: Ballena Marine National Park. Although, it is rainy season from July to November it usually quite sunny in the morning, and in the evening it tends to rain. Even though it is low season for hotels, do not forget to make your reservations early and take advantage of the best deals on the tour.
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