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    • 04 Apr 14

    Corcovado Foudation Training talk

    Yesterday Villas Rio Mar assisted to a Training Talk by Foundation Corcovado in Dominical school. The topic was about marine life and the tourism’s impact.

    It demonstrates the importance of marine life, from the biggest animal to the smallest, and also the rarest. So are concerned seaweeds, corals, whales, fishes, squids, rays and more which are all connected. The sea is also important because marine organisms such as seaweeds produce a lot of the oxygen we breath, contributing to regulate climate changes.

    One of the more important impacts of tourism is the trashes. With a beach full of trashes the nature beauty is damaged. There are also a lot of trashes in the sea, which leads to negative impacts for marine animals. Indeed, animals eat the trashes which cause organs damages or even death. The Caño Island National Park counts a lot of corals, but which suffer of bleach and sedimentation. In this park, fishing is not allowed, either it is artisanal or industrial fishing, but tourism is allowed.

    The other negative impacts of tourism for marine life are the contamination of water, the use of anchors which break corals, the sound contamination which disturb a lot of animals because the sounds are its way of communication so it distorts the vibrations.

    To prevent those impacts, it is primordial that agencies and tourists do the good practices which have been presented to them.