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    • 16 Oct 12

    Surfing in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

    The South Pacific of Costa Rica is a paradise for all people who are interested in surfing. There are wonderful beaches along the Pacific coast. The beaches are perfect for beginner, advanced and professional. In every city you can find a good surf teacher to learn surfing and mostly you can go out at your own after 5-8 surf lesson. For all advanced and professional surfer you can find the best beaches to go surfing if you ask the local people. In the area of Dominical you can find all surfer if the waves are perfect at the “Point”. That is a place between Dominical and Uvita. You have to go by car to come there, but it is amazing and for all who loves surfing a must. The area from Dominical, which goes from the bigger cities from Quepos to Uvita is famous for surfing. Dominicalito a small town just 5 kilometers south from Dominical is perfect to make the initial steps in surfing.Not far away you can find Playa Hermosa where many surfers are going in the evening to see also a beautiful sunset. Along the coast you can find many hotels, the South Pacific of Costa Rica has small, nice cities to go and you will find hotels from low price to high prices. For all surfers: Quepos, Dominical, Dominicalito and Costa Ballena it is perfect to make a little trip around the South Pacific, go surfing, find new friends and enjoy the “tranquilo” life in Costa Rica.