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    • 19 Mar 13

    One of the most recommended destinations for this 2013. Costa Ballena, Costa Rica.

    Have you visited one of the beaches of Costa Ballena? Have you been a witness of one of the most impressive whales travels of Costa Ballena? Enjoy the unique experience of beach, nature and adventure all in one place. Costa Ballena in the South Pacific of Costa Rica has a lot to offer and we will be waiting for you this 2013!! The U.S. magazine Travel + Leisure awarded Costa Ballena as one of the top places to visit this year.

    Costa Ballena in the canton of Osa ranges from Baru River to the mouth of the Rio Terraba. The following small towns belong to the area: Dominical – Dominicalito - Hermosa Beach – San Josecito – Uvita – Bahía – La Union – Ballena – Ojochal – Punta Mala and Coronado.

    One of the main attractions in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica is the Marino Ballena National Park.

    parque_ballenaThe park was created in order to protect marine biodiversity, another important reason was to avoid the unplanned development in the area, companies found this places as a gem to develop their hotels, restaurants and tours companies but in an ecology way and try to attract more green travelers. Most of the people are foreigners and locals whom fell in love of green country and they have been trying to make Costa Ballena grow in rational way.

    Marino Ballena has accomplished its goal and has been struggle every year to continue to protect these waters which are preferred by the humpback whales, Pilot whales and dolphins. There are two very important whale and dolphin migrations every year. The first one is from December to March. The second one, which is also the most important one, is from July to October. We expect about 6million whales arriving per year. A curious detail is that they choose the warmth of the South Pacific of Costa Rica ocean to have their babies and to teach them their first steps. That is why we can say that many of the whales from the north or south of the planet are “costarricense”.

    Who has not seen a whale swimming the Pacific Ocean?! If no, you are losing one of the most impressive spectacles of nature. This park has much to offer if you are not able to watch a whale or take a boat trip you must go walk on one of the most important geological formations of sand. We call it tombolo, whale tail or as many call it Paso de Moisés. This is a stretch of sand that is about 1km long. The beach has the shape of a whale tail. Walking on the beach you can see some marine birds and if you are really lucky you maybe will also see a whale or a dolphin.

    If you are Costarrician and you have not visited Marino Ballena National Park yet, do it now!! It is only a few hours from your home and you are losing the opportunity to see nature at its best. If you are foreigner, don’t hesitate visiting us! You will not regret it! Many experts recommend Costa Ballena, the popular magazine Travel + Leisure awarded to this destination as one of the top places to visit this 2013. Dare!! Eco resort Villas Rio Mar is located only at 20min from the park entrance Marino Ballena.

    So do you want an unforgettable vacation! Come and visit us and of course Marino Ballena National park!