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    • 02 Apr 12

    Observe the Whales and Dolphins in Uvita

    Live an incredible experience in the sea and observe the whales in Uvita of Osa. Precisely in the Costarrician Pacific Coast there are many tours offered during many seasons of the year and in Villas Rio Mar we won’t let it pass unnoticed.

    In this way, enjoy with us the greatest emotions when we are on board, with a spirit of adventure and in the middle of the rocking of the waves... You will then all of a sudden see the majestic Humpback Whales and might even get the bonus of seeing some daring dolphins.

    This will all take place in the surroundings of Marino Ballena National Park, where the tours include the observation of whales and dolphins, which is in reach of your budget.

    Let’s take into account that the Humpback Whales cross the southern and northern hemisphere to mate and have their young in the warm waters of the Pacific.

    Through Villas Rio Mar and guided by experienced tour operators of the zone, you can enjoy an incredible experience and be amazed in the presence of these sea creatures, whose yearly ritual offers you a look into the marine ecosystem.

    When you are close to the whales, the tour operators will turn off the motors so you can appreciate them and their young as well as their sea dance…. This is simply exceptional.

    These mammals can be seen only during two temporaries of the year: from December to February and from July to October. In Villas Rio Mar we will be sure to offer you an attractive package so you can observe the beautiful whales…. So contactus!