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    • 26 Feb 13

    How is Villas Rio Mar eco-friendly?

    Villas Rio Mar is a member of the “Turismo Sostenible”, that means that our hotel is holder of the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST). The main requirements for getting this certificate are:

    -Physical-Biological interactions; Evaluates the interaction between the company and its surrounding natural habitat.

    -Infrastructure and Services; Evaluates the management policies and operational systems within the company and its infrastructure.

    -External clients; Evaluates management actions taken in its invitation to clients to participate in the company’s sustainability policy implementation.

    -Socio-economic environment; Evaluates the company’s interaction with local communities and population in general.

    We separate our garbage. You will find the different bins along the paths. We also ask all of our clients if they would want to dim the lights and turn of the ventilators when they aren’t in the room.

    We also use solar energy for heating water and have ecological urinals.

    Villas Rio Mar also would like to ask all of the client’s attention for the Corcovado Foundation. The Corcovado Foundation “Strives to increase the protection of wild areas, promote environmental education, sustainable tourism and community participation through the sustainable use of natural resources in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica.” The Corcovado Foundation created for example a recycling network to make it easier for communities to recycle. The Corcovado Foundation also supports national parks, gives environmental education and helps the sea turtle conservation.

    Would you like to know more about our other eco-friendly measurements, send us an email or call us! sostenibilidad@villasriomar.com

    Are you more interested in the Corcovado Foundation, or would you like to donate money to this wonderful foundation, see their website: www.corcovadofoundation.org Would you like to know more about CST and its requirements, see: www.turismo-sostenible.co.cr Available in different languages.