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Staying in the ecolodge of Hotel Villas Rio Mar is the best option to visit Dominical and Uvita, doing ecotourism and respecting the concept of sustainability.

Hotel resort Villas Rio Mar is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. With its natural richness, is the first country engaged in sustainable tourism and ecotourism. Then, the objective of the hotel resort Villas Rio Mar is to respect the values of sustainable tourism offering you ecolodges in Dominical and ecotours in Costa Rica.

Concept of Sustainability

In 1997, the CST (Certification for Sustainable Tourism) defined Sustainable Tourism as “a model for development, raises the need to satisfy the requirements of today’s society without compromising the right of future generations to meet their needs. This means that the development of a country cannot be based on overexploitation of resources (natural, cultural, social, etc.) to meet the needs of this population (food, housing, health, employment,…), because these resources are the only platform with which future generations have of this country to meet their own needs.

What is 100% Responsible Tourism?

Sustainable tourism development should be seen as balanced interaction in the proper use of natural and cultural resources, improving the quality of community life and economic success of companies, which also contributes to national development. 

  • It’s the kind of tourism that the country needs.

  • With operational efficiency that promotes saving and efficient use of resources.

  • Tourism that is committed to the community and its needs, seeking a solution and commitment to the environment.

  • Is certification to which every tourism business should join for conservation action and natural risk management

Ecotourism in Hotel Resort Villas Rio Mar in Dominical, Costa Rica!

As you probably already know, Hotel resort Villas Río Mar has been working with Certification for sustainable Tourism (CST) for already 4 years to preserve the beautiful nature of Dominical.. Thus, the hotel resort has the 4 levels of CST, earned thanks to a series of sustainable policies to guarantee the bests ecolodges and ecotours in Costa Rica.

The sustainable certification is divided in 4 environments, with different practices for each.

 Physio-Biological environment

Evaluate the negative impacts the company’s operations can cause

Encourage customers to visit protected areas

Inform about climate changes

Have a monitor of water and energy consumption

Manage wastes

Politic of service environment

Establish politics, vision and mission

Train the staff

Consumer friendly environmental products

Use friendly environmental cleaning products

Have procedures and installations in case of emergency

External customer environment

Inform customers about the place and actions made

Signs in the rooms about sustainable practices

Socioeconomic environment

Hire people from the community and the area

Use local products and services

Inform about activities available in the community

How can you act for sustainable tourism?

Reserve in a hotel or ecolodge which respects the sustainable tourism values, travel with a responsible attitude and contact us to participate in sustainable programs such as carbon compensation, donation to National Parks such as Corcovado. During the tours and activities, respect the following recommendations:

1. Do not leave trash in the walk path or in the visited areas

2. Do not consume alcoholic drinks within protected areas

3. Do not feed the animals seen during the tour

4. Do not extract, flowers of national parks, reserve our private area

5. Always stay on the walk path set up for hiking

6. If possible, be quiet to not disturb the natural habitat of resident animals of the place

7. Do not use the flash of the camera when taking animals in picture to not afraid, disorient them or disturb them

8. During aquatic activities do not touch the fishes or take out from water sea stars

9. During lunch time, collect your own trashes and give it to the guide

10. It is not allowed to do bonfire or fires within the wild protected areas

11. Save water in the installations of national parks, reserves, refuges or private areas

12. When you are using bathrooms, throw the paper in the container.

13. Bring your own bottle of water and fill it in the installations of visits areas or tour operator




Rico y delicioso nuestro plato tradicional como es nuestro desayuno ""gallo pinto "" aunque lo comemos a toda hora....

—  Merce navarro Durán

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