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    • 20 Feb 14

    Envision Festival


    At only 15 minutes from Villas Rio Mar, let’s go to Uvita for the Envision Festival this weekend, from 20th to 23rd of February.

    The Envision Festival enables people to share the values of sustainable development in an original form, living a unique experience.  This festival is the meeting of cultures in a sustainable community, with numerous and diverse activities. Discover various arts and music, free your spirit with vyniasa dance and yoga, be amazed by dance performances, and learn and exchange about sustainably with spoken workshops, permaculture concept and more activities!!

    It is not only the combination of various activities, impressive shows, amazing nature and sustainable behaviors which make the Envision Festival unique, but also the exceptional emplacement, a few minutes from the unspoiled beach, the impressive waterfalls and mountains.

    Staying at Villas Rio Mar is a great opportunity to go to the Envision Festival and discover the area. Do not hesitate more and make your reservation!

    From Feb, 20th to March 01st  you can get 20% discount* on all types of rooms.

    *Subject to availability

    *Does not apply with any other discount.