Why the rainy season in Costa Rica is a great time to visit Dominical

| Apr 3, 2016 | Dominical - Uvita, Travel Costa Rica

Why the rainy season in Costa Rica is a great time to visit Dominical

APRIL, 2016
The rainy season in Costa Rica starts typically in May and ends mid-December. The rainy season is also called ‘green season’ because the plants and trees look at their best during this season. This effect is stronger in areas where the summertime is very dry, like big parts of Guanacaste. The climate in Dominical & Uvita is very different; here it stays green year round. However, also in Dominical & Uvita plants and trees are most beautiful during the Costa Rica rainy season. This is already an advantage that rainy season has over dry season/ summertime; this blog article will further explain you why the Costa Rican rainy season is a great time to visit Dominical & Uvita.

Still a great climate for a vacation at the beach

Also during the rainy season the weather is very nice; it is still a great tropical climate that is perfectly suited for a beach vacation. Lots of sun; in particular during the morning and early afternoon! Rain typically occurs between 3 and 5PM, but often also later (or none at all). The rain is actually quite nice because it cools things down, which provides a pleasant temperature for the evening and the night.

Rainy season is also called Green season

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Strong promotions!

A great advantage of planning your vacation to Costa Rica in rainy season is that most prices are much lower. Hotels, car rental, tours, flight tickets; most companies offer strong promotional prices, which are often on top of the already attractive low season prices. Also with Hotel Villas Río Mar you can benefit from great hotel deals during rainy season.

Get the real rainforest experience

Witnessing a proper rainforest downpour is an experience by itself. You won’t believe the amount of water that can fall from the sky. When the rain stops, you can go to the beach where you will see the rainstorm move away over the ocean. Watching the light show over the sea – created by the thunder in the distance – will be an unforgettable experience!

“The rainy season is also called ‘green season’ because the plants and trees look at their best during this season.”

Fewer tourists

Another great advantage of having your vacation in Costa Rica during rainy season is that it will not be crowed in hotels or at popular beaches and -attractions. So your vacation will be even more relaxed and you don’t have to wait in line.

Nature at its best!

Like explained in the beginning the Costa Rican nature is even more stunning during the rainy season. In addition; waterfalls are spectacular and river rafting is absolutely awesome during this time in the year.

Whale watching season

The whales come at the peak of the rainy season! Although whales are seen from mid-July mid-November, the best time for whale watching in Uvita and Dominical is during September and October. The following article gives more information on whale watching in Uvita & Dominical.

Tips for traveling in Costa Rica during rainy season

  • Plan your activities in the morning, since rain is more likely during the (late) afternoon.
  • There are more mosquitoes during the rainy season; make sure to bring sufficient repellent.
  • Check road conditions before making a trip; heavy rainfall can washout roads.

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