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El Rancho is open 365 days/yr for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Bar & Restaurant El Rancho

| Nov 20, 2016

El Rancho restaurant & bar at Hotel Villas Rio Mar

El Rancho is considered one of the best places to eat in the area of Dominical and Uvita. The menu offers a great selection of international dishes and local specialties; some of them are fully organic! Enjoy the quality food with a good glass of wine; the wine list is quite extensive and contains some nice wines that are rare to find in Costa Rica.

Open 365 days a year from 7 am to 9:30 pm

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The menu also includes tasty appetizers, organic food and special dishes for kids and vegetarians. Also quality espresso and cappuccino coffee is served. El Rancho restaurant at Hotel Villas Rio Mar is open to the public 365 days a year from 7 am to 9:30 pm.

Cozy bar with international sports programming

Socialize with family & friends, meet new people or cheer for your favorite team at our cozy bar. You can also enjoy an ice cold beer during a game of billiards, foosball or darts. Besides a selection of soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits, the bar offers wonderful cocktails & smoothies. You can also order a drink at our pool bar while having a refreshing swim in the large pool.

Ideal location for Meetings & Events

The restaurant also provides a fully equipped conference room which makes Hotel Villas Rio Mar an excellent location for meetings & events as: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, dinner parties, weddings, business meetings, business parties, team building etc. Please see our Meetings & Events page for more information.

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About our Hotel

Open to the Public

Opening hours
7am – 9:30, Monday>Sunday, 365 days a year

2787 0053

Inside Hotel Villas Rio Mar, Dominical. Go under the bridge 800 meters North besides the river Baru


Organic Food

It is not easy to find organic food suppliers in Costa Rica, but we did it! We now offer 4 delicious organic dishes.

Mahi Mahi filet in papaya sauce $20,00

Fish filet in cold papaya sauce and natural herbs served with sweet potato and vegetables 100% organic.

Shrimp mixed salad $16,00

Exquisite combination, made with the most fresh ingredients: lettuce carrot, cucumber, basil, beetroot and sauteed shrimp; perfect for a lunch or light dinner.

Jumbo Shrimp in pineapple sauce and dill $22,00

Sauteed shrimp with pineapple pieces and fresh dill 100% organic, served with sweet potato and vegetables, an excellence combination.

Chicken in orange sauce $18,00

Grill chicken breast marinated with fresh herbs in orange sauce. 100% organic. The perfect combination brought to your table

(Taxes are included in the price)

Lunch & Dinner

A good vacation deserves good food! We offer something delicious for everybody.

Healthy Dishes

Japanese Tuna Salad $ 14,00

Delicious mix of fresh tuna with crispy almonds, avocado, sesame oil and soya sauce.

Rio Tomato Cream Soup $ 7,00

Delicate combination of tomatoes cream and fresh basil: Simply delicious!

Caesar Salad : Regular $ 8,00  Chicken $ 10,00  Tuna $ 12,00

Crispy Roman lettuce with a delicious homemade Caesar dressing, croutons and bacon

Tuna Timbale $ 8,50

Pieces of fresh tuna marinated with lemon juice, herbs and mustard, enjoy it with avocado and toasted bread

Tenderloin Carpaccio $ 9,00

Thin slices of tenderloin with fresh basil leaves, olive oil, capers, Parmesan cheese and a touch of spice.

Salmon Carpaccio $ 10,00

Thin slices of salmon, fresh lettuce, capers, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese

Salmon Wrap $ 13,00

All the salmon flavour inside a torril

Main Courses

Sea Bass of your Choice $ 15,00

Prepared to your taste: breaded, grilled, in butter, garlic or in Caribbean sauce

Chicken of your choice $ 15,50

prepared to your taste: Breaded, grilled. With mushroom sauce or passion fruit sauce

Pork Chops in Blackberry sauce $ 16,50

Tender pork chops. Marinated in fresh herbs and accompanied by  a delicious and natural blackberry sauce

Sesame Tuna Medallion $ 16,00

Fresh tuna covered with a delicious and crispy layer of two types of crispy sesame

Argentinean Churrasco $ 16,00

Juicy steak served with a homemade chimichurri sauce.

Renoblesa Salmon $ 16,00

The chef recommends: the perfect combination of lemon sauce, capers, butter and sweet cream.

Tender Loin of your taste $ 20,00

Tender loin, served in a three mushrooms sauce, chimichurri or three pepper sauce

Jumbo Shrimp of your choice $ 22,00

Prepared in garlic, butter, breaded, or simply fried, just delicious!

Spaghetti Pesto with Olives $ 10,50

Classic pasta with basil sauce, Parmesan cheese and black olives, accompanied by garlic bread

Salmon & Shrimps Fettuccine $ 15,00

Exquisite combination of pasta, salmon & shrimps with a pink sauce, capers and garlic bread.

Rio Mar Fettuccine $ 10,50

The best combination of tender chicken, ham, and fresh mushrooms in a fresh tomato sauce.

Garden Spaghetti $ 8,50

Fresh vegetables, olive oil, and basil. Specially made for a light dinner

Rice with Shrimp $15,00

Shrimp and rice, a classic combination of flavors that will never let you down

Rice with Chicken $ 9,00

Typical Costa Rican recipe: pieces of Chicken, rice, sweet corn and spices.

(Taxes are included in the price)

Vegetarian Food

We are a vegetarian friendly restaurant. Try out one of these wonderful vegetarian dishes.

Avocado Causa $ 9,50

Layers of fresh mashed potatoes and avocado, dressed with mayonnaise and raspberry sauce.

Vegetables in a Asparagus Sauce $ 8,50

Sautéed vegetables in olive oil with asparagus sauce accompanied by garlic bread.

Rice with Palm Heart $ 9.00

Exquisite combination of palm heart vegetables, cheese and cream with fresh rice

(Taxes are included in the price)

Kids Menu

4 great dishes for the little ones!

Fish or Chicken Fingers $ 6.00

Strips of breaded chicken or fish, Accompanied by French fries. Dessert: ice cream cup.

Butter Spaghetti $ 6.00

Delicious butter pasta with garlic bread and orange juice. Dessert: ice cream cup.

Toasty Sandwich $ 6.00

Delicious grilled ham and cheese in toasted bread with French fries. Dessert: ice cream cup.

Rio Mar Kids Special $ 9.00

The kids can choose from chicken, tenderloin or grilled fish, breaded or fried with butter. Also includes an ice cream cup and a toy.

(Taxes are included in the price)

Dessert Menu

A great dinner has to end right, try one of our delicious desserts!

Passion Fruit Mousse $ 5,00

Fresh and light, you won’t regret it!

Tiramisu $ 5.50

Made by tradinal recipe selected infredients

Coffee Love $ 6,00

It combines the best of two worlds; the refreshing vanilla ice cream and the flavor of Costa Rican coffee.

Banana Split $ 6,50

Delicious banana, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Tres Leches $ 5,00

Tasty traditional Costa Rican dessert, topped with whipped cream and cherries.

Chocolate Flan $ 5.50

Flavorful chocolate flan coverd in strawberrie syrup

(Taxes are included in the price)

Snacks Menu

Not in the mood for a full dinner? We also offer some tasteful snacks.

Rio Mar Hamburger $ 10.00

100% Angus beef accompanied by bacon, cheese and pickels

Costa Rican Ceviche $ 9.00

The pride dish of Costa Rica, pieces of Marlin marinade in lemon juice, onion and coriander

Chicken Fingers $ 8,00

Strips of breaded chicken, accompanied by French fries and Thousand Island dressing.

Fish Fingers $ 8,00

Strips of breaded fish or chicken accompanied by French fries and tartar sauce.

(Taxes are included in the price)

Breakfast Buffet

Hotel Villas Rio Mar offers a varied breakfast buffet that changes each day. Start with a plate of fresh fruit followed by the local favorite gallo pinto. You can also go for scrambled eggs with hash browns, or something else, enough to choose. Juices, tea and good coffee are also served with the breakfast buffet.

The breakfast buffet is included in your room price!

Also open for the public

For a small extra charge we also provide espresso coffee and cappuccino.

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