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    • 28 May 12

    Costarican Customs; rich, unique and all here in Hotel Villas Río Mar

    Costa Rica is a country filled with so much culture, unique in its own way. Costaricans are known for their hospitality and warm which you can verify and experience right here in Hotel Villas Rio Mar, where you will be sure to receive a warm welcome and a helping hand in all you could need.

    We are also known for surrounding ourselves in nature and color. Here in Villas Rio Mar you will find yourself immersed in nature, filled with the thriving sounds of the forests, surrounded in trees and plants, and decorated in vivacious colors all with the purpose in giving you the feel of a tropical destination which we happen to be.

    Hotel Villas Rio Mar is constructed in traditional infrastructure, fresh and relaxing for anyone who comes. Its rooms will be sure to can you feel like you away from the city and in a tropical environment. You will be sure to love the soothing effect the hotel has.

    Another example of the Costarican custom and originality is its cuisine. Our restaurant offers traditional recipes of Costa Rica that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Our plates are based on what is normally eaten in Costa Rica, like for example rice, beans, plantains, custards, eggs and much more.

    So if you want to enjoy a rich and unique culture in our beautiful Costa Rica, come to Hotel Villas Rio Mar, where you will be sure to find all the above and much more.