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    • 28 Jan 13

    What the Ticos eat in Easter Week

    If you are coming to Costa Rica in Easter week, this year 2013, this special week for the catholic community starts from March 24 to March 30th and many Ticos families (Costa Ricans) visit the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific, most of them are looking for mountain, beach, adventure and a comfort place like Villas Rio Mar eco resort, as an interesting aspect that you should know is what the ticos eat specially in this week?

    Easter week brings to the Costarrician families the most delicious and traditional dishes to their kitchens. According with the catholic religion, this is the official religion of Costa Rica even if the ticos are free to choose and believe in other religion, most of the Catholics during this week and weeks before don’t eat meat, that’s why they eat: Palmito (palm hearts), Arroz con leche (Rice and milk) – this is a dessert made of rice, milk, a lot of sugar and other ingredients, Sopa de Pescado – fish soup, Pollo con Palmito – chicken and palm hearts, Miel de Chiverre – a type of honey like sauce made from Sweet White Spaghetti Squash, Empanadas de chiverre – a wrapped bread dish filled with white spaghetti squash

    If you are coming during the Easter week this is perfect time to taste the Costarrician food. Don not forgets to visit our restaurant El Rancho, we are also open for the public and we will be more than happy to meet you.

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