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    • 21 Mar 14

    Water World Day

    This 22nd of March is the World Water Day. Our Earth, nicknamed Blue Planet, has 70% of water, but more than 750 millions of people lack of drinking water source access.

    In Villas Rio Mar, we are engaged in saving water, and we give you some tips to reduce your consumption of this precious resource:

    1. Place two full bottles inside toilets and you will save 2 to 4 liters every time you will use it.

    2. Close the water tap while brushing your teeth or shaving, you will save until 10 liters.

    3. Clean in urgency the breakdown water tap and plumbing. A dripped water tap lose 30 liters a day.

    4. Chose autochthonous plants for your garden and pot, they consume less water and give less work than exotic plants, furthermore they attract butterflies and they do not require the chemistry product use for its maintenance.

    5. Place diffusers and other saver mechanism in water tap, you will enjoy more the water while reducing your consumption. 

    Saving water is everybody’s concern. Protect our earth with small acts but with big and significant impacts. Book an ecolodge in our hotel resort to discover what the nature offers.