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    • 21 Mar 12

    Visiting the South Pacific

    Nowadays, visit the South Pacific of Costa Rica is much easier from San Jose, you can take a flight to Quepos, rent a car at the airport, drive to our relaxing and beauty Hotel Villas Rio Mar to take a rest during the day tasting our delicious food in our Restaurant “El Rancho” or stay at the hotel to enjoy more days around this area it’s offer some activities and nearby beaches such as Marino Ballena National Park,  don’t forget to take advantage of nightlife in Playa Dominical and then continue driving to the south on a good road to Golfito. This attractive tourist spot is located 2 hours south of the Hotel Villas Rio Mar. The town of Golfito was at one point in history a true "Banana Republic." served as the headquarters of the area by the United Fruit Company in 1985.

    Access to most goods and services, such as provisions, spares, and travel services are available. Golfito is the duty of great free with the lowest prices in the country in free deposit. It also has a Marine, hospital in Golfito, a national bank, and several outstanding restaurants.

    The southern Costa Rica from Dominical to Pavones offers excellent beaches, as well as activities such as kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching. Be sure to visit in the South Pacific you find a little of everything!