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    • 23 Apr 12

    Villas Río Mar: the perfect stay on your way to Golfito

    If you are in the central valley and is thinking about going shopping in Golfito, a great option for board is for you to come and stay in Villas Rio Mar, a complete delight, on your way to your destination.

    See it this way: there is no better way than for you to wake up in our accommodations and come out, have a delicious breakfast and then head out on the Costanera highway heading to the southern canton. It is almost certain that in two hours, you will be shopping in the Deposito Libre or in Paso Canoas.

    Remember that if you want to buy things in the Deposito Libre, you will need some kind of identification either passport or an ID card of residency to date. Shopping is individual and personal. Once you arrive at this place, you might even waste 1,000 dollars in products.

    The most recommendable articles to buy in Golfito are those of high cost, for example televisions, washing machines, sound equipment, and all things electronic.

    The good thing about this option, that Villas Rio Mar gives you, is that after a day of shopping in the Deposito Libre in Golfito, you can come back that same day and enjoy more of the wonderful comforts that our establishment offers.

    If you think that a trip to Golfito in going and coming back is tiresome, you will be sure to relax with all the services that we can provide such as: tennis courts, pool, minigolf… and finally, the most exquisite food, sure to meet even the toughest critique`s expectations.

    With all this, your journey will be unforgettable.Not only because you acquired many new purchases at a great price, but also because you pampered yourself in enjoying a stay in the best hotel in Cosat Ballena, Hotel Villas Rio Mar in Dominical beach.