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    • 30 Oct 12

    Tour Whales and Dolphins

    delfines y ballenasCosta Rica has two different oceans. The Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. On the pacific side of Costa Rica you can find great beaches and in Uvita a Marine National Park Ballena. In September and October this National Park is perfect to find whales, turtles and dolphins. During this season the turtles come to the beaches for their oviposition.

    To make a whale and dolphin tour is one of the best experiences in Costa Rica. The route is around the whole national park. First you will go out to the ocean and your tour guides try to find the whales around the island „Las Tres Hermanas“. In this area are often whales. The island „Las Tres Hermanas“ and „Isla Ballena“ are also wonderful places for diving and bird watching. Nationalpark Ballena has one of the biggest coral reefs in Costa Rica. After seeing the islands you will take the way back near the beaches. Ballenas National Park has a lot of amazing beaches, some of them you can just go by boat or if you hike. Your way back is close to the coast and here you can find often dolphins. Your trip will end after three or four hours and you will have a lot of amazing pictures for your family at home.