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    • 16 Jan 12

    The whales arrived

    Costa Ballena has much to offer to local and foreign tourists. It is a magical place where the vegetation is combined with the beach, the sounds of the forest and the ocean waves.

    In this bend of the Costa Rican Pacific coast, born the Marino Ballena National Park, temporary sanctuary of the humpback whale, and much of the marine ecosystem. This sanctuary was established on February 6, 1989 by Executive Order 19441 of MIRENEM No, as the first National Marine Park of the country. One of its main attractions is the Punta Uvita tombolo, also known as the "passage of Moses", which during the low tide forms a way sand of 1 km to the sea, and the view from the sky looks like a whale tale. Another of the places that every tourist should know about they are the mangroves, they surround the line of rivers which flows in the see and where you can find various species of animals and plants Our beaches, sheltered by trees will give shade while watching the rolling waves ... and it supplies the necessary rest to comfort of soul requires. Marine Singing. Of course, whale watching it is maybe the attraction which guides hundreds of tourists to this area. Just since last December the season to be witness of this ritual began, the whales ply the ocean of the northern and southern hemispheres to the warm waters of the Costa Rican Pacific. This marine show began this summer until April and then it will be on October to November. In addition to humpback whales, you can see during the trip by sea some dolphins, turtles, birds and other species. Remember! There are tour operators in the area that is responsible for making your trip enjoyable. Villas Rio Mar will coordinate this and more to live plenty emotions.