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    • 16 Apr 13

    The Costa Rican way of preserving

    eco-blogSometimes the people of Costa Rica remind me of my grandma. They don’t throw anything away and everything can be used at least 5 times. And when you’re not able to use it in its original shape, remodel the object and use it for something else. Everything is being re-used. I respect the fact that the people from Costa Rica treat everything with a lot of care and appreciation.

    I have a question for the people that live in Costa Rica, or the people that already have been here;

    Have you ever seen a second-hand store?!

    I have to say, it didn’t occur to me since I don’t visit a second hand store regularly in my own country, but it is true! Out of the 5 cities that I’ve been to in Costa Rica, there was ONE second-hand store, and that was in Quepos. The whole store was American orientated and almost only contained American brands etc.

    Plastic bottles are being used for cleaning supplies. Old clothes and old towels are being used as wipes and cloths. Plastic bags as, garbage bags, old tires as direction signs. And many other examples!

    Did you know that Costa Rica rose out of the sea instead of being present on the original Tectonic continents? That is also why the earth of Costa Rica is so fertile. So you can say that Costa Rica is 100% organic!

    eco-blog-2If you see the coastline of the Marina Ballena National park, or the Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos, you know how nature is intended and why we as human beings should do everything in our power to keep it like this.

    Villas Río Mar is strongly committed to preserving the natural heritage of Costa Rica. We are of course an Eco-Lodge. We also know that the Corcovado foundation will also help us conserving nature, and because of that we would like to ask all you, if you would like to donate an amount to the Corcovado Foundation. For more information go to www.corcovadofoundation.org .

    Sophie den Breejen