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    • 12 Sep 13

    Sun, beach and adventure in Caribbean and Pacific of Costa Rica

    beachs-costa-ricaCosta Rica has become one of the most famous countries for its beautiful beaches. A hundreds of tourists come to this country looking for sun, sand and adventure.

    With two interesting coasts lines, the Caribbean and the Pacific side, Costa Rica promise to all its tourists to have a combination of these three elements. The Caribbean coast is well known for its beautiful crystal water and white sandy and gray beaches. During the raining season this area of the country is the most humid of the whole territory. In the Caribbean side, you should visit the " Tortuguero National Park ," it is known as the " Amazon of Costa Rica " because of its rich biodiversity. Along these beaches, there is a green turtle nesting during the months of July to October.

    On the other hand, we also have the Pacific coast, which is divided into: North and South Pacific and Central Pacific. The Pacific cost is the most extensive coastline.

    untitledIt offers diversity in ecosystems and microclimates. North side is drier than the Central and South Pacific. Throughout it, you will find a variety of white sandy and gray beaches. But the Pacific coast has something else; it is where the best surfing beaches are. For example Jaco hosts several surfing tournaments during the year; Montezuma is a small town of surfers as the same to Dominical beach. It is renowned for its great waves in the south.

    Surf-costa-ricaThe South Pacific is one of the places listed as one of the most biodiversity area in the country, here you can visit the Corcovado National Park, and this park was recognized by National Geographic as one of most intense place in the world, in a biological term. Also, the whale tail is located in Costa Ballena, Osa. It is one of 5 unique geological shapes in the world and unique in our country. The whale tail has an extension of 1km of sand. It is possible to walk this distance when it is low tide. This is a special place for activities including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, hiking, whales and dolphins watching tours and bird watching tours.