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    • 19 Jan 12

    Shopping in Golfito and the Border from Villas Rio Mar

    From Hotel Villas Rio Mar you can go shopping in Paso Canoas (Panama border) or the Deposito Libre de Golfito (Free Deposit of Golfito) less than three hours in the South Coast. The advantages of going through this street are many, as it is in good condition, it is large, but please you should not abuse of the speed.

    That route leads to Palmar Norte in 45 minutes, then take American highway during 60 km trip to Rio Claro, where there is an intersection. If you decide to turn right you will be going to Golfito (only 20 km). However, if your destination is Paso Canoas, do not deviating, continue driving straight in the similar distance.

    In this way, your shopping can be done in a day, especially if you are planning to go to the border, you have the option to depart very early morning from Villas Rio Mar and return at night to rest in a pleasant and dream environment that the hotel offer.

    Remember! If you want to buy in the Deposito Libre Golfito (Free Deposit of Golfito) you can do it with your passport or resident id in order. Shopping is individual and personal. If you come to this place, you may spend up to $ 1,000 in products.

    Recommended items to buy in Golfito are the high cost, such as televisions, washing machines, stereos, all appliances. If you intension it is to buy clothes, vehicle tires, rims, the best option is the border “Paso Canoas”, but in moderation, otherwise the policy do take away your purchases.

    On the other hand, if you would like to visit the central Pacific, we are located 30 minutes from Manuel, and in an hour from Jacó. So, there are many advantages to stay and travel to various destinations from the comfort of Hotel Villas Rio Mar.