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    • 04 Aug 11

    Nearby Villas Río Mar, are whales, waves, warm sands, and lush, green foliage.

    The southern zone of Costa Rica is a very special part of this wonderful country, where the mountains meet the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and never fails to provide nature lovers and adventure seekers alike with a truly unforgettable vacation.

    Villas Rio Mar is located a short, twenty minute drive to one of the most beautiful National Marine parks in Costa Rica, called Marino Ballena, with the amazing “Whale’s Tail” formation, a tombolo that is exposed at high tide, and disappears when the tide rises. Marino Ballena National Park is where humpback whales stop to raise their babies in the warm local waters during their travel north during the months of July through mid- November, and then travel back down south a few months later, making another stop at Marino Ballena through the months of February and March, before beginning their journey once again back down to the south Pacific. Excellent whale-watching is during these months, with several different tour operators that work with Rio Mar, which can make it a wondrous experience for the whole family. Not to mention the dolphins those accompany some times your boat on the way there and back!

    In addition to the whales and dolphins you’ll encounter, during your travel from Marino Ballena National park and back, you’re likely to see manta rays, and even hammerhead sharks! This adds up to what can be one of the best days you and your family could hope to experience.

    Also, if just getting a great tan and feeling the sublime pleasure of simply laying in the sand in Playa Dominical and it’s many surrounding beaches, such as Piñuelas, Uvita, and Ballena is your thing, you can, from time to time, see sea turtles coming up to take in a big breath of air, before diving down again to hunt their main prey, jellyfish.

    I addition to the wonders of the ocean, the rainforest-covered mountains that surround the area are full of other tours and activities, including horseback tours, hiking on the many nature trails in the area, bird watching, visits to the many amazing local waterfalls and much more, giving you memories you’ll never forget of all of the incredible flora and fauna found in Costa Rica’s southern zone.

    All in all, the Southern Pacific area of Costa Rica isn’t simply an option for your Costa Rican itinerary, it is, quite simply, the perfect place to stay, and see and feel the Costa Rica you came here for, which will, without fail, thrill your senses, arouse your emotions, and leave you with absolutely the best memories a tropical vacation can offer.