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    • 14 Sep 11

    My trip to Corcovado national park, oh my god!

    The night before the trip I could hardly sleep because I was very anxious for the adventure that was awaiting us. I went with four nice Dutch guests of the hotel.

    At 6 a.m. our transport arrived with our guide who would accompany us to our Corcovado adventure. We departed early in the morning, taking the Costanera highway, along the Pacific Ocean, to Sierpe.

    I must say we felt very comfortable with him and I think I can speak for the rest of the group this day as well when saying: we appreciated his great enthusiasm and desire to teach the principals of each place we passed! It was evident from the confidence with which he spoke that he knew a lot and he was very proud of all the flora and fauna within the area.

    After passing several beaches such as Dominicalito, Ventanas, Uvita, La Colonia, Ballena, Arcos, Piñuelas and Tortuga we had a nice breakfast and then continued our journey.

    Once in Sierpe, the place we took the boat, the people who worked on the boats were preparing everything for the trip and we walked to the pier to get introduced to our captain for the day: a young, nice looking, Tico guy.I think everyone in the beginning felt a bit nervous about how young he actually looked, but more about this later on!).

    We got on the boat and went into the wonderful Terra-Sierpe Mangrove, calm waters and for the first time in my life I saw the incredible drooping branches of the mangrove swamps on the ground taking root and creating impressive barriers and homes for a plethora of different kinds of fish, shellfish and amphibians.

    This morning our Captain had a race against time because of the higher getting tide. We had to reach the mouth of the Sierpe River (point where the river and sea come together) before the tide was at its highest point and so we went fast, but also several quick times to check out the biodiversity just minutes before the water got too high. He asked us to keep our cameras with us and prepare for the moment for what would be my first Oh My God!

    We forgot about all our doubts about the captain’s appearance; already after a few minutes he passed out test: he looked like a captain who knew what he was doing: he was calm and safe, on top of his game and flaunting with his skills and knowledge on our way to the mouth of the river. Immediately when we crossed the mouth there was a cry of joy and triumph followed by hugs and kisses and congratulations for the captain. From that moment on no one was scared anymore, on the contrary, I dare to say that we were looking forward to the return to the hotel already!

    Just few minutes after we arrived at San Pedrillo, we already got a warm welcome from many Red Parrots with their stunning colors. The Corcovado Experience was wonderful, it is very difficult to describe it in words, you just have to see it for yourself, walk in and enjoy the great variety of birds that live there. A preview of a few of the animals we saw: the Kettle Crest, toucans, hummingbirds, an impressive White Falcon, the bow tie and Trogon, plus raccoons and the green and black frog. After we walked happily around amazed by all the beauty the moment arrived for what would be my second Oh My God!: when we ran into some delicate spider monkeys to urinate and PUPE …on me.

    Apart from my encounter with the monkeys, which were actually very beautiful, I must say, it was amazing being in the middle of the jungle and hearing the sounds of woodpeckers pecking at tree trunks and all the other noises of the wild life surrounding us. I think there are just too many animals and beautiful nature which you cannot experience anywhere else in Costa Rica.  We should not miss out on this opportunity to visit the Corcovado National Park and enjoy Costa Rica’s nature at its very best.