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    • 14 May 12

    Making a change in pro of our environment: establishing new ways to save the planet

    Sustainability is a big part of Costa Rican tourism and Hotel Villas Rio Mar´s ideals. We are very dedicated in preserving and protecting our natural resources while still leaving some room for development. ¨If there is a will, there a way¨ is a the phrase here and with this in mind, and Hotel Villas Rio Mar commitment to having a natural, sustainable and beautiful environment, we give you a new way in helping this noble cause: Waterless urinals!

    It might seem strange the idea of using a urinal that doesn´t use water but there are many benefits of this type of product. About five percent of the world´s fresh water is used in flushing down urine, so in average using a waterless toilet can save about 40,000 gallons of water per year. It saves water reduced operating and costs, as well as saving energy in transporting and treating the water. There will be less Co2 emissions that create greenhouse gases. So there is a great advantage to using waterless urines if there is a strong desire in doing you part in conserving our planet and providing a sustainable development.

    It is also very hygienic! These urinals are touch free which help eliminate the spread of bacteria making everything more clean and sanitary. There is also the added benefit that there will be fewer odors that are sometimes present in restrooms.

    These water free urinals consist of vitreous china or stainless steel with an airtight and closed cartridge that locks into the base of the urinal which provides an odor-free use and easy maintenance of the device. The pleasant-smelling sealant liquid inside the cartridge between the drain and the restroom prevents odors from escaping. The design of the urinal ensures that all urine passes into the cartridge. Do you see how beneficial it is in using these products?

    In Hotel Villas Rio Mar, these types of products help everyone in our quest for a better and cleaner future. This is just one aspect that makes Villas Rio Mar a hotel dedicated in maintaining a natural environment as well as doing our part in helping out in a sustainable development. Just remember, Hotel Villas Rio Mar is here to make a positive influence so some and enjoy those benefits that are sure to make a change.