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    • 23 Apr 12

    In June, we open in Villas Rio Mar, a new and modern conference room

    ¡Verysoon!The new video and conference room will be ready here in Hotel Villas Rio Mar, close to the restaurant and pool, but with 100% privacy.

    It will have columns made out of wood and walls made of glass… in return, giving it a natural and ecological image.

    The video and conference room will be open in June, and in this room you can have may different types of activities such as: birthdays, reunions, seminars, parties, private dinners and much more.

    This conference will count with an 80 person capacity; it will be like an auditorium with all the equipment of audio and video necessary (sound, microphone, TV, video projector, big screen, wireless internet connection) and others.

    Also it will have air conditioning, bathrooms for people with disability and every requirement that a high class conference room could need.

    So now you know, In Villas Rio Mar, we have at our disposition, once June comes, the chosen place for you to have your business meetings and, family and friends gatherings.