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    • 30 May 12

    Hotel Villas Rio Mar, the perfect honeymoon get-a-way

    Planning the perfect honeymoon is no easy task, especially when all you want is a few days of total exclusion from everyone else except your spouse and still enjoy a few adventures on your way. So, if this is your desire be sure to have Hotel Villas Rio Mar on the top of your list.

    Hotel Villas Rio Mar offers a lot of different activities and attractions that is sure to be perfect for your honey. Come and stay at our bungalows that have a private deck so you can be sure to have some privacy. We also offer you a spa where you can go and enjoy a smoothing massage in the company of your loved one that would just add to your already ideal get-a-way. You can come and enjoy our cuisine in our restaurant ¨El Rancho¨, you will be sure to enjoy a especial meal as well as the delicious taste.

    Also if it is your desire to go out and enjoy an adventurous day, you can go to our activity center where you can pick one of our many tours that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else.

    You can also so any make use of facilities such as the tennis court so you can build a good work out or enjoy the sun by our pool while drinking cool and refreshing beverages are available in our restaurant.

    Hotel Villas Rio Mar has everything available so you can have the honeymoon of your dreams. So always keep in mind our Hotel when you are planning your honeymoon, you will be sure to not regret it.

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