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    • 04 Apr 13

    Have Fun in Costa Rica and learn Spanish in Dominical beach!!

    Escuela de espa;olAs you all know, the language in Costa Rica is Spanish, also called Castilian. Spanish originated from the Latin language. It has Basque, Latin, Italian and nowadays even English influences. 40 million people have Spanish as their native language, 60 million people as their second language, and about 20 million people are studying Spanish.

    Not a lot of people speak English. If you go to small towns or you would like to be more in contact with the locals it is really recommended to learn Spanish.

    There are a lot of language schools in Costa Rica, for example some Costa Rican Spanish schools are:

    • Centro Panamericano de Idiomas
    • ILISA Language Institute
    • SEPA Spanish Language School
    • InterCultura Language School in Costa Rica
    • Epifania Spanish School in Costa Rica
    • IPEE Spanish School in Costa Rica
    • Forester Spanish School in Costa Rica

    Most of the language schools also offer different activities outside of school so you will have sloththe opportunity to enjoy the Costa Rican culture, their dances en of course the beautiful nature.

    In Dominical is a Spanish school present. Dominical is famous for its surfing, of course the school also offers surfing opportunities. Not only that, but also dance classes, excursions to the south pacific and much more.

    Enjoy a wonderful holidays and learn other language. Villas Rio Mar offers to combine a lot fun and Spanish classes. Ask for our package here: info@villasriomar.com