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    • 30 Aug 11

    For corporate events and festivities, Hotel Villas Río Mar offers the complete package!

    Hotel Villas Rio Mar is the ideal place for corporate events, lectures, seminars, trainings, workshops etc..

    Villas Rio Mar is situated on the banks of the Baru river mouth, and has the atmosphere for sharing and instructing in the various fields of work, training and education.

    We have a room available for such activities. Villas Rio Mar offers the complete possibility for choosing a conference venue or other group activities.

    The hotel is also known for its special location for wedding parties. The room, which has space for 80 to100 guests, would fit, but also our romantic restaurant would give the perfect luxurious ambience for a delicious diner, and a perfect party, with a band when asked for. All of this together will create the ideal place to celebrate.

    Contact us by phone: (506) 2787 0052 or (506) 2787 0053 or via e-mail: info@villasriomar.com.