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    • 04 Sep 12

    For all Costa Rican lovers

    Our hotel has since its foundation great visitors, they came here for over 17 years and now they are visiting us every year and most of their times for a long time, that is how we met these friends, they found Villas Rio Mar a place to stay and enjoy it every year for their holidays and we found them as more than a client we found wonderful people and friends of Villas Rio Mar family.

    We want to thanks Kevin and Dolores for their loyalty to our hotel.

    To get a meaningful feedback how our hotel has evolved over the years, we ask Kevin and Dolores about our hotel and how it chanced in these years: “How you see our hotel during these years? What do you think is the best part of to stay here? When was the first visit?”

    “Villas Rio Mar, on the banks of the Baru River, is one of the most welcoming places we have ever stayed. We have been coming to Costa Rica for over 17 years and have spend the majority of that time at the Rio Mar. Secluded, quiet, relaxing, peaceful, tropical - all the things you would imagine a visit to Costa Rica would be, is part of the ambience of the Rio Mar. The staff, many of whom we have known for over 15 years, go out of their way to help your stay be the best anywhere in Costa Rica. There is a casualness and naturalness to the hotel that embodies the countryside and the Costa Ricans. We have seen many changes over the years, the addition of large units that are perfect for families, air-conditioning, a larger outdoor restaurant, a new conference center, but the warmth and friendliness of the staff remains constant. The pool is exceptional and there is a wonderful tennis court for those so inclined. The staff can plan a dizzying array of adventures for you or you can simply relax, enjoy and contemplate the beautiful gardens, take a walk to the sleepy little town of Dominical and the ocean, read by the pool, or watches exquisite sunsets from the nearby road over the Pacific Ocean. For us, the Rio Mar, is the essence of an authentic vacation in Costa Rica. Not a lot of frills, just honest and caring people amid tropical surroundings, that enable one to forget the stress of modern life and find the real meaning of contentment.

    Kevin & Dolores”

    We want to thank for this statement, we really appreciate your visit because we are more than happy to see your smiles on your faces every time you came to the hotel and hope to see you soon too.

    Greeting from Costa Rica,

    Villas Rio Mar team.

    For all natural lovers of Dominical, Costa Ballena or the whole area of Peninsula de Osa, we want to make your holidays a unforgettable time, we hope you fall in love of South of Pacific and our beautiful hotel we offer a long stay package up from 1 month staying from $ 55 + tax per day. This specialty offer is in our lovely standard room included Breakfast. For our Superior rooms it is $ 65 per day + tax and Breakfast all our rooms included a welcomed terrazze with garden view where you can hear the sound of the natural while, there you can enjoy a drink or reading a book. Let us make your holidays a memorable stay for long time.