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    • 06 Aug 12

    Eco Lodge, the reality of sustainable tourism.

    In recent years, sustainable development in the tourism environment has been a priority for companies in this industry, and also for the communities in tourist destinations. The over exploitation of natural resources has generated interest in the population, and as a result, the interest in preserving the environment while tourism services have more choice and better quality.

    The answer to this search is the Eco Lodge or better known as "Green Hotel". In addition to offering an excellent tourist attraction in opinion of its customers and service quality, the Eco Lodge is dedicated to being totally friendly to the environment, using in a good way its resources, both natural and cultural, without affecting our patrimony.

    The Green Hotel is a jump into the new era of the newest hotels, where it is not enough to surprise the guest with great luxury hotels, because they catch and surprise them with the charm of nature, that style we were not seen in years.

    The concern for care of nature has become a global and interest topic, and the hotel industry has not lagged behind, however, is a real option has two main objectives to its customers: to offer an alternative where guest has a great vacation, and they are taking care of nature through them.

    The Eco Lodge, as a different to the conventional hotels, they are equipped in the way that they can offer the same quality and more attraction, but they work with friendly tools for then vironment.

    Other attractions at the Eco Lodge are the cultural activities offered there, ranging from the traditional festivals and wildlife watching tours to the sport activities and the of course the our culture activities.

    Of course the biggest advantage of the Eco Lodge is the approach between the client and nature, this a characteristic wich is missing in the hotels of the cities. Nature never ceases to surprises, especially in these times where the awakening of environmental aware hessian important moment for humanity.

    The Green Hotel is now one of the best options to enjoy your next vacation, with friend so family, and certainly one of the most attractive scenarios for your honeymoon. While there will be lots of fun, you let yourselves be seduced by the charms and my stories of nature.