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    • 22 Apr 14

    Earth World Day

    In this Earth World Day, the hotel Villas Rio Mar gives you some tips to take care of our planet.

    The protection of the environment goes by saving water and energy, but also by the reduction of rubbishes.  This is why the sorting of wastes is important and enables to reduce the impact on the environment, recycle what can be recycled, reuse what can be reused and reject the rest. As said the chemist philosopher Antoine Lavoisier, “Nothing is lost nothing is created everything is transformed“.

    Thus, reuse everything you can such as paper, plastic bag for garbage, ink cartridge to fill it again, coffee grains to do an exfoliation, the fabric to stitch new things, the tires to do a swing, the eggshells for plant fertilizer, the newspapers to clean glasses and mirrors…Use your imagination and your creativity to give the objects a second utility.

    recycled objects