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    • 27 Sep 11

    Dominical & area by night!

    Enjoy the Costa Rican food, dance the night away and make exciting expeditions during the night…

    When you stay in Villas Rio Mar and you wonder what you can do in the area during the night, you can be sure that there are plenty of options for young and old!

    In the village there are some great places to enjoy a party, dance the night away, enjoy nature or dine in a typical Costa Rican restaurant or world restaurant.. (however it changes per season if the places are crowded. Usually during June until August and December until February are the busy periods, the others are mainly calm).

    The following overview will show you the most interesting possibilities:

    Top restaurants:

    *El Rancho is the restaurant of Villas Rio Mar, serving high quality food and offering excellent service. The restaurant is built in typical Palenque style, serving international food and other great cuisine together with delicious cocktails made from exotic fruits.

    *Sushi bar restaurant is a great restaurant, serving all kinds of delicious sushi and salads! It has a small sushi bar and this is one of the favorite restaurants for many tourists and locals in Dominical. This restaurant is located next to Que nivel and offers the freshest products you can get.

    *Coconut spice: If you like to try some other world food, you can go to this excellent, cozy, Thai restaurant.

    *Tortilla Flats For typical Costa Rican, fast serving food, at a low cost with sea view, this is the perfect place! This is a typical hang out place for local surfers too. No wonder that the atmosphere is so relaxing!

    Bars/ dancing:

    *On Tuesdays Que Nivel is the place to be. This bar is the perfect place to get to know new people (tourists and locals) by playing cards/ board games and playing pool or have some nice cocktails at the bar and relax in the hammock.

    *Then there is Maracatu, a typical restaurant/ bar/ dance area which has ladies night on Wednesdays.  During the evening the typical food and the vegetarian food they serve is delicious and in the evening all Ticos, surfers and tourists join to dance on reggae and world-music.

    *San Clemente is a small discotheque in Dominical. This happy place is specially known by tourists. People go here especially on Fridays.

    *Finally at the end of the week you should definitely go to Roca Verde. This is the biggest discotheque in the area and situated in the north of Dominical, next to the beach. The building is open so you can enjoy the sea while dancing the night away on Hip-hop and other popular music.

    Tours during the night:

    *The frog tour is the newest tour Villas Rio Mar offers. From 15.00 to 18.30 you will go hiking in the unspoiled rainforest, see an amazing waterfall, have a nice dinner with spectacular few over the rainforests and the sea and you will be guaranteed to see the 3 most famous frogs by day and night: the bluejeans frog, the redeyed frog and the black and green frog and when lucky way more animals hiding in the rain forest!

    *Night safaris. Aren’t you scared of the dark? And ever wanting to experience the jungle, which is even more exiting by night? Here is your chance! There are two possibilities when you would like to go on an exciting jungle walk. The first option is to see the mangrove swamps in Tereba Sierpe, the largetst area of mangrove swamps in Central America where you will be able to see crocodiles, snakes, frogs, sloths, raccoons and opossums. The second option is a thrilling walk into the nearby rainforest of Hacienda Barú. You will be able to live and sleep in a tented camp right next to the jungle. Big chance you will spot all sorts of creatures and experience something you will never forget!