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    • 25 May 12

    Costarican Food, a mix of flavors

    Costarican gastronomy is a mix of many different tropical flavors, mainly composed of rice, beans, corn, fresh vegetables, meat, chicken or fish, plantains and you can never be without corn tortillas.

    Originally, Costarican cuisine was made in a traditional fogon or wood stove which gives a special flavor to the food. To accompany a delicious, typical plate you can’t forget to have a steaming cup of coffee, coffee cultivated in Costa Rica.

    A traditional Costarican breakfast is a delicious blend of rice and black beans known as ¨gallo pinto¨ which you can check out in our restaurant ¨El Rancho¨, you can accompany it with eggs to your preference, corn tortillas and custard. Coming to Costa Rica and not tasting gallo pinto is like you haven’t even come! Its almost like coming to stay in Villas Rio Mar and not taste the exquisite and delicate plates of our chef. You can start with one plate and then the rest of the menu.

    If you love fruits, here you can find a quantity of tropical fruits of all colors and flavors like papaya, watermelon, pineapple, banana and, if in season, sour sop, cashews, mango or melon or a ripe avocado, this is a fruit that is normally used to accompany the famous gallo pinto.

    For lunch the traditional plate is made of white rice, beans, fried ripe plantains, salad, white cheese, vegetable hash and you preferred selection of meat, chicken or fish.

    For dinner o even for lunch, you can eat soups made of vegetables or chicken, fish or meat. The desserts you will be more likely to find Three Milks, Coco Flan or puddings.

    Depending on the date of your journey you will find plated of the season that depend of the tradition or costume like for example Holy Week when what is traditionally prepared around the country is vegetable picadillo, palmetto salad, fish or fresh tuna, although this can be found year round, you will also find sweet pies made of chiverre and different types of honey.

    In Dominical beach, Hotel Villas Mar we will be waiting to invite you to come check out any of our plates prepared with traditional ingredients, you cant leave without tasting first the typical Costarican ceviche, chicken with passion fruit, rice with chicken and the traditional Three Milks dessert or Coco flan.