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    • 18 Jul 14

    Costa Rica in the World Cup Brazil 2014

    There is no doubt that Costa Rica gave it all at the World Cup Brazil 2014, it proved to the world that Costa Rica in not only Pura Vida but it Is also Puro Fútbol . After a long, difficult and humiliating (as some experts rated selection of Costa Rica) way, Costa Rica was classified for the world Brazil, 2014. This was just motivation for its player. They work hard and they were felt worldwide. After the winning against 4 world champions, social Networks, videos, and media put their eye on Costa Rica. And this was not the end of the story, after passing through the second round and quarterfinals. After the Costa Rica team lost during the penalties against Holland, the selection of Costa Rica back unbeaten home. The enthusiasm, illusion and the joy of a country were released worldwide.  

    Many people will remember the name of Costa Rica, because this team showed that a dream is possible with a bit of hope. Despite, the adversities a small country like Costa Rica has much to offer to the world. Costa Rica is a country of about 4 million people, divided into 7 provinces, full of folklore, culture, adventure, tropical forests, beautiful beaches, lush mountains, nice warm weather and beautiful people who is always there waiting for you to say PURA VIDA! The great participation of Costa Rican representable for tourism industry an excellent advantage to keep growing.  The Costa Rican Tourism Institute prepared a 30-second spot that was broadcast in several countries in Europe and North America. The video can be viewed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGzS7UcZ_68&feature=share

    Another great news is that our country was named as one of the favorites destination for traveling on a survey by Tourism Global Monitor Survey. This award was based on the opinions of 23,000 travelers from 26 countries, which reviewed the places where they had traveled in the past 12 months and so, based on your experience, recommended destinations. More information: http://www.bdrccontinental.com/EasysiteWeb/getresource.axd?AssetID=7717&type=full&servicetype=Inline