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    • 22 May 14

    Biological Diversity Day

    On this day of biological diversity, come to the Hotel Villas Rio Mar to find a lot of unique species in the world and enjoy the beach.

    With 5 National Parks closed to Dominical, you can discover a 5% of world biodiversity, which the major part is in Corcovado National Park. It is the third best park in the world with a great variety of birds, a lot of species of monkeys, snakes, sloths, coatis and protected endangered species such as jaguars, pumas, crocodiles, tapirs, and the poisoned dart frog, harpy eagle. In Manuel Antonio National Park, you can find rainforest observing sloths, iguanas, the rare squirrel monkeys and millions of colorful little crabs, and enjoy the nice beaches and coral reefs. You also have the opportunity to have a snorkeling or diving tour in Marino Ballena National Park to observe amazing coral species, diverse dolphin and whale species surrounded by rocky shorelines, cliffs, islands, mangrove ecosystems, rock and coral reefs. If you like snorkeling and diving, we recommend you to visit also the Caño Island National Park with its crystal clear waters where live turtles, whales and reef sharks and more species. The walk in Chirripo National Park cross various landscapes such as flat lands, oak forests, fern groves, swamps, cloud forests, lakes and peaks.

    In Villas Rio Mar, the nature is at your door, and you can enjoy  it with our different tours or just by coming here. Take advantage of our restaurant, swimming pool, spa and tennis court for a nicer stay.