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    • 19 Jul 14

    4 Archaeological Places in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica were declared World Heritage Site.

                Southern Costa Rica is well known for its exuberance vegetation, where it is still possible to find primary forest, but also of its archeological value, the Peninsula Osa has 4 of the most important archaeological places in the country: Finca 6, Batambal, Silencio and Grijalva -2, all of them are located in the canton of Osa, Puntarenas. UNESCO declared them World Heritage Site the last June 23 as part of the XXXVIII meeting of the World Heritage Committee, held in Doha, Qatar. It is also important to know that the Pacific zone of Costa Rica is one of the most arqueological places of the country.

    The Finca 6, Delta Diquis archaeological place in the South Pacific of Costa Rica is an ancient settlement where it is possible to find pre-Columbian spheres between 0.7 and 2.57 meters in diameter and up to 16 tones. These spheres were developed during the pre-Columbian era and there are just few of them in the world. The pre- Columbian spheres have enabled many researchers based on their design and position to know the identity of the indigenous group that made them. There are many theories about these spheres that became one of the most important legacies to Costa Rica. Anthropologists due that the position of the spheres noted other megalithic places such as the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge (England) and Easter Island. According to these theories, they assume that these groups were related to other civilizations beyond their continent. Now, you have a reason to visit and learn about the past of the indigenous people of our country. The Osa Peninsula is located approximately 4 ½ hours driving from San Jose. In surrounding towns like Dominical you will find all kinds of tourist services: hotels, restaurants, ATMs and tourist information centers. Villas Rio Mar is preparing a special tour to the area; we are about 45minutes driving to Finca 6.