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    • 05 Jun 13

    Dominical a Perfect Destination for Yoga

    Due to the beautiful nature of Costa Rica, Costa Rica is a destination where you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Practicing yoga is possible in the whole country of Costa Rica. Yoga is more than a physical exercise; Yoga connects your mind, body and spirit finding the perfect balance in your life.yoga pose

    If you’ve had a busy year, yoga will not only help increasing your energy but also keeps managing the stress. Just imagine sitting on a rock, next to a waterfall the fresh breeze in your face, birds sounds. It makes you feel relaxed. Let’s go live an adventure in Dominical beach located in the South Pacific of Costa Rica. Learn about the discipline that yoga requests. You will find out that Dominical is a small piece of paradise that you don´t want to leave.

    Dominical is a small town that offers basic services and more: private and public transportation, car rental, local and international calls, in most establishments they also atardecer-playaoffer free internet, ATMs, restaurants with different types of dishes, hotels, hostels, cabins, tourist information centers and of course a studio for yoga with professional yoga teachers.

    Jungle eco resort Hotel Villas Rio Mar in Dominical Beach is located just 900 meters away from one of the most important yoga studios” Bamboo yoga play” they are specialist in yoga retreats. Here you will find daily yoga classes. If ou are interested, you can ask at their reception desk for class schedules once you are here or you can also email us at info@villasriomar.com . Organize your own yoga retreat in Dominical, South Pacific! You have the option to take private or group lessons. Besides practicing yoga, Dominical has different places that are also wonderful to visit, for example: waterfall Nauyaca, yoga pose 2beaches, hiking trails where you can visit without a tour guide or extra cost. Go to our activity page and see what you can do: http://www.villasriomar.com/activities/things-to-do/

    Be sure to ask the hotel reception or our activity center about the places you can visit. Villas Rio Mar, Dominical wants to give to you the best Costa Rican experiences!