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    • 11 Mar 13

    Spheres Festival 2013

    ESFERAS IIIThe South Pacific of Costa Rica has more than nature and adventure to offer to its visitors. This site is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. The pre-Columbian spheres are almost perfectly made by our indigenous ancestors and contain many mysteries for archaeologists.

    Diquis area has been identified up to 200 spheres of various sizes which diameter ranges from 10 cm to 2.50 meter. These particular stones were found many years ago by the company Unit Fruit Company in their banana plantations. They were first found in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica, the company donated them to museums and even private institutions. The art and culture ministries and the National Museum have worked for many years to preserve these spheres stones in their original form and area as it is protected for Finca 06 in Cortez, Osa this place has around 13 spheres stones in different sizes (1.90 cm diameter)

    Sphere Project or festival will be celebrated from this March 22 to March 24 of 2013 in the town of Palmar Norte and Sur located in the canton of Osa, Puntarenas. It is about 45min from Hotel Villas Rio Mar. This festival aims to highlight the diversity and archaeological of the canton that makes this unique. The festival holds Spheres stones and activities such as concerts, arts and crafts show, food, lectures and all kinds of cultural activity.

    So here by we would like to invite you to visit the South Pacific of Costa Rica and be part of this festival! If you are looking for accommodation near Palmar Norte and Sur, Hotel Villas Rio Mar is an eco-resort located about 45min driving along a road with a beautiful view of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. For those who read this article mention we will be offering for 22, 23 and 24 to 30% discount on rooms.

    For more information about the festival www.mcj.go.cr Reservation at Hotel Villas Rio Mar info@villasriomar.com / 27870053 IMG_3716