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    • 28 Aug 12

    Independence day of Costa Rica

    Although September 15th is Costa Rica’s official date to recognize its independence from Spain in 1821. The festivities begin on the 14th when a runner carries the “freedom” torch from Nicaragua to Panama. By 6:00 PM, the runner arrives in Cartago where he is welcomed by the president of the country. At 6:00 PM, the entire country comes to a halt as all TV and radio stations broadcast the anthem and young and old a like join in singing.

    Another parade takes place on the morning of the 15th in most of the bigger cities. And often you can see typical Costa Rica food for sale in the stands such as arroz con pollo (rice and beans).

    In small towns of Costa Rica there people care and help each other the most important thing to them is the family unit and families tend to grow up and live close to one another. This is how the live is in Dominical a small beautiful city surrounded from some waterfalls by families and a lot of flora and fauna on the pacific side of Costa Rica and just 800 meters from the ocean is our Hotel Villas Rio Mar. We would like to invite you to spend one or two days in Dominical and take advance of these holidays always remain such a special day with us.