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    • 26 Jun 12

    Why to choose a beach wedding in a tropical destination as Dominical is!!

    The weddings in Dominical as a tropical destination are becoming more and more popular, and now those are available for everyone. There are a lot reasons to get married in a beautiful and tropical destination with numerous benefits.

    There is less pressure to get married away from home because it is easier when you have a wedding planner to assisting you about the laws and the paperwork’s you need, that’s why in Villas Rio Mar is available to arrangement this process for you

    Another reason to have a weeding in Costa Rica is it is cost effective, since both of you choose a wedding in Costa Rica you are choosing your wedding and your honeymoon in the same place, it’s for this reason we would like to give you the wedding of your dreams, a relaxing and unforgettable honeymoon, we offer a group rates, and whole package for weddings.

    Villas Rio Mar makes the process of planning your beach wedding easier! You can plan your wedding with some months in advance, make your own and unique package we provide pretty much everything you need to begin your planning; wedding planners, photographers, lawyers, florists, rooms, dinner, music, spa treatments, tours and more!!.