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    • 14 May 12

    Hotel Villas Rio Mar: 100% free of tobacco smoke

    Want to have a vacation completely relaxed while enjoying fresh, clean air? Well, Hotel Villas Rio Mar is the place for you! In our hotel, all staff members are completely tobacco-free. We believe in having and preserving a healthy body for ourselves and our guests. This is why, in Hotel Villas Rio Mar, smoking is not permitted in any public area. We completely support the anti-smoking law that the Costa Rican Government has passed and approved.

    This law prohibits smoking in bars, restaurants, office, shopping centers, public and private schools, automatic tellers, workplaces, hotels, bus and taxi stops. Any public place is completely of limits for any person who wants to smoke a cigarette. This includes even sidewalks, public bathrooms or any place in the open air.

    Our client’s wellbeing is a priority for us; this is why we are dedicated in preventing any situation that might jeopardize our health while staying in Villas Rio Mar. We are dedicated in preventing diseases caused by smoking like:  Thrombosis, hypertension, cancer of the esophagus and pancreas, tachycardia, emphysema, lung cancer and bronchitis which are only some of the consequences.

    In Villas Rio Mar, we have a commitment and desire to provide all our guests will an atmosphere worthy of you. This is why there is a non-smoking policy at this hotel. So when you come to Villas Rio Mar you will be sure to enjoy a tranquil stay enjoying the songs of birds, fresh breeze, natural environment and unpolluted fresh air.

    So come to Hotel Villas Rio Mar, enjoy your vacations in a place like no other. Our staff will be always available to make your stay the best possible while making sure your surroundings is in the best possible conditions, completely tobacco free and full-on nature. So don’t be shy and come on by.