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    • 02 Apr 12

    To All Lovers Of Fishing!.... Take advantage of the Option That Villas Rio Mar Offers You

    It may be for entertainment or for sport, o for the simple exhilaration of feeling the rod double over with a big catch, all lovers of fishing adventure inward sea to enjoy this relaxing and great experience.

    Whoever submerges into the world of fishing or just enjoys it like a hobby, in the majority of the cases, normally does it to disconnect from the world for a few hours. That’s where the phrase “in the sea life is more delicious” comes from.

    In the southern Pacific of Costa Rica, Hotel Villas Rio Mar offers this service to local people who enjoy this fishing sport.

    We have in our disposition boats that meet all regulations and insurances needed as well as contributing to the local growth of the community since their very members, who are very experienced fishers who grew up by the sea and use fishing for a living, participate.

    Or better yet, the hotel offers the choice that after a day of receiving the hot sun far into the sea and of battling with that mighty fish that doubled over your fishing rod, all fishers staying at Villas Rio Mar can bring their catch of the day and our chef will prepare that fish up for you to your taste in the company of your fishing companions.

    You definitely have to take advantage of this opportunity that Villas Rio Mar offers, it is one of the most beautiful and paradise places of the Pacific. To fish with us, all you have to take with you is your disposition and the desire to have an unforgettable day in a whole new level.