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    • 13 Mar 12

    Dominical History

    Approximately 100 years ago, when people in the “Valle de General” - what is now San Isidro - began to explore the coastal area around Dominical, they rogue a trail for horseback riding through the mountains, to the village called “La Esperanza” in San Josecito after and ended on the coast, near to Uvita.

    Around 1920, long sailboats known as Bongos began carrying merchandise to Puntarenas, Uvita Dominicalito. On the way back they brought items difficult to find in the area, such as cloth, iron tools, salt and medicines.

    For those years there were few families living in Dominical Which is mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock.

    In 1990 was the era of real estate, which was the sale of many foreign lands who are primarily interested in the area, Which were interested in tourism.

    The first hotel was called Hotel Dominical and was located where is now the restaurant El Coco.

    In 1974 the Miramar restaurant was the only business in town, in those days it was depended on a low tide to get there on the beach.